On 10-13 March 2016, students from the Erasmus programme and representatives of ESN went to Szklarska Poreba. Everyone participated in the training in the field of mountain rescue carried out by Giant Mountain Rescue Group. They also participated in activities organized by the High-Altitude Training Section of MALF under the leadership of Lt. Col. Andrzej Demkowicz.

Students participated in two lectures. The first one was about the history and the activity of the High-Altitude Training Section and the second one was carried out by a lifeguard from Giant Mountain Rescue Group.

After the theoretical part, it was time for practical classes. Students had the opportunity to learn how to use special equipment to search for people buried under an avalanche, go down on the zipline and go through the river with the rope. They also participated in a training of the mountain rescue, accompanied by a demonstration of rescue equipment.

Students also visited Giant Mountains Environmental Education Center, where they became familiar with the flora and fauna appearing in the Giant Mountains National Park. There was also prepared a movie about the Giant Mountains and a trip to the highest waterfall in the Polish Sudetes - Kamieńczyk Waterfall.

The last component of the trip was a 22-km march through the  Jizera Mountains under the leadership of Lt. Col. Andrzej Demkowicz.


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