At the invitation of the Commander of the Portuguese Military Academy, on 5-7 November this year  a delegation of The Military University of Land Forces under the leadership of Rector-Commandant Brig. Gen DSc. Eng. Dariusz Skorupka visited Lisbon. The purpose of the visit was to participate in the inauguration of the academic year at the Military Academy (MA). The ceremony was also attended by a delegation from the Spanish Military Academy in Zaragoza, headed by its Commander.

AWL is dynamically developing its cooperation with a Portuguese partner. Over the last two years, the universities, together with the Greek Military Academy, implemented the project of Strategic Partnership "International Military Leadership Academy". Currently, two of our cadets have internships within Erasmus+ programme at the MA.

The visit to Lisbon was also an opportunity to get to know the Military Academy, its rich history and traditions, as well as its tasks.

The inauguration of the academic year was attended by the Minister of Defence of Portugal, the highest military commanders, representatives of local authorities and the staff, employees and cadets of the Military Academy. The best students received awards for their achievements in the previous academic year.

The visit to Lisbon and the meeting of the MA and  AWL Commanders was an excellent summary of the cooperation so far and an opportunity to discuss plans for its continuation in the near future.


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