On 6 September 2019, an official promotion to the first officer rank took place at the Military University of Land Forces. The promotion concerned 272 graduates of the Officer Candidate School and Medical and Military Department.

The officer promotion was preceded by ceremony of awarding officer's patents, diplomas and certificates. On 5 September 2019, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Poland - the Supreme Commander of the Polish Armed Forces - the officer's patents were presented to the distinguished participants  by the Rector Commandant, Gen. Brig. DSc Eng. Dariusz Skorupka was awarded.

- Achieving this goal cost a lot of work and sacrifices. I hope it was an efficient intellectual and physical effort. Reaching this target required self-discipline, overcoming personal weaknesses, but also ability to adapt to undoubtedly specific conditions and rules that are applicable at our University. Months of intensive work made it possible to achieve this goal. I congratulate you and wish you continued success.

It is worth mentioning that this year ceremony was attended by 2 cadets from Germany for the first time in the history of the University. The students stayed at AWL under one year training programme within the scope of the agreement concerning international exchange of students from Poland and Germany. They received certificates of completion of a 12-month Officer Candidate School. The certificates were presented by the Head of Liaison Staff of the Armed forces of Germany in Poland (Bundeswehr) - Lieutenant Colonel Sławmor Czaplewski.

On the same day a Holy Mass was celebrated for the intention of this year graduates. The Mass was attended by the staff, military personnel, as well as graduates and cadets of AWL. After the Mass, the First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces Lieutenant General Michał Sikora, met with the graduates. During the meeting, he discussed issues related to the specific character of the soldier's life, the need for continuous development, as well as sacrifice required by the service.

The following day - i.e. 6 September on 11:00 a.m. on the assembly square at the Military University of Land Forces the long-awaited officer promotion has come. The ceremony was attended by many eminent guests, including representatives of institutions, commands and military units, the police, the clergy, voivodeship and local-government authorities, as well as of civilian and military universities, including the German Army Officers School in Dresden.

The promotion to the first officer rank was performed by: First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces - Lieutenant General Michał Sikora, the Commander of Territorial Defence Forces - Major Gen. Wiesław Kukuła and the Inspector of the Armed Forces General Command - Major Gen. Marek Sokołowski.

The graduates, after approaching the podium, kneeled, and the promoting officer said the following words “In the name of the President of the Republic of Poland, I nominate you second lieutenants of the Polish Army". After stating this formula, the generals touched the left arm of the graduates with the point of a sabre. During the ceremony, the newly nominated officers took an official oath and sang "Knight’s Song".

- On this festive day, I would like to congratulate you, my fellow soldiers, and express my sincerest respect. Respect for your diligence and perseverance, without which today’s success would be impossible. At the same time I ask you to remember the words of the officer’s oath, stating that "the interest of the Republic of Poland is our supreme law". These words should guide your service, the fundamental goal of which is to provide a high level of security for our Homeland - said the Rector Commandant, General Brig. DSc Eng. Dariusz Skorupka was awarded.

The Rector Commandant distinguished the three best graduates with commemorative rings of the University for their for achievements in education, training, performing professional tasks, as well as for exemplary attitude.

The promotion concluded with a parade of subunits participating in the ceremony, which was led by military orchestra and the honour guard of AWL.


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