On 27 May 2019, at the Safety Science Faculty at AWL a historical, public defence of doctoral thesis took place. It was a historical moment due to the fact that for the first time a doctoral student has a possibility to defend his doctoral thesis in the field of safety science. What is the most important, it is the first defence which commence a new chapter of the scientific life of the Military University of Land Forces.

All of that is possible thanks to the rights that the Safety Science Faculty was granted.  This is a definite success, especially taking into consideration the fact that the process of obtaining the entitlements granted by The Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles is time-consuming and carefully verified by the auditors.

The candidate for this scientific degree was Lieutenant Colonel MSc. Eng. Piotr Szczepański His doctoral thesis titled "The Military University of Land Forces image within the context of perceiving the public safety by the community in Wrocław" met with broad interest, as the subject matter of the research presented in the dissertation has not been diagnosed by the scientific world yet.

Prof. DSc Eng. Zbigniew Ścibiorek was the doctoral thesis supervisor.

Needless to say, the defence of doctoral thesis was successfully completed. Congratulations!


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