The Rector Commandant, Gen. Brig. DSc Eng. Dariusz Skorupka was on a scientific internship at USMA at West Point. He was a visiting professor there. The main purpose of the stay was to identify the process of candidate officers education at West Point, and then to implement the best solutions at the Military University of Land Forces.

The Rector's visit to USMA West Point also served as an opportunity for number of meetings with soldiers and security and defence specialists from all over the world. One of such occasions was the Conference of Rectors of Military Universities from the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Greece and Denmark. The conference was conducted personally by Superintendent (the Rector Commandant) of USMA West Point, i.e. Lt Gen Darryl Williams. The meeting was a platform for exchanging information on the process of candidate officers education in individual countries.

The Rector was also a special guest at the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition held annually at West Point. Cadets from fifteen countries took part in the competition. As in 2018, AWL intends to send its representation to this highly prestigious competition in 2020.

The Rector Commandant had the pleasure to hear many good opinions from the USMA West Point lecturers about AWL's cadets. The commendations went to: Cadet Sergeant Joanna Mrozińska, Cadet Sergeant Magdalena Zapała and Cadet Sergeant Remigiusz Trybus, staying at West Point within the student exchange semester.


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