On 17 May the delegation of Korea Military Academy (KMA), led by Superintendent Lieutenant General Wantae Kim, visited the Military University of Land Forces. The delegation was accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Hong Soon Shin, Defence Attaché of the Republic of Korea.

Brig. Gen. Dariusz Skorupka, DSc, Eng., Rector Commandant of AWL, welcomed the guests. At the meeting, the participants discussed bilateral cooperation and student exchange possibilities within the international semester. Differences in education and training in both universities were also discussed. Another topic revolved around refresher and specialist courses organised at AWL and the possible participation of Korean cadets.

The visitors were acquainted with the teaching facilities, and the specificity of educating and developing staff at AWL. The Korean delegation also had an opportunity to observe classes utilising the innovative PACAST tactical simulation system, VBS3 (VirtualBattleSpace3), the Śnieżnik training system, and the Aster tactical motorised platoon simulator.

The visit was concluded with an official dinner, during which future cooperation between the two universities was discussed.

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