History and modern times

General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces, pursuant to the Resolution of the Minister of National Defence of 30 June 2017 on changing the name of General Tadeusz Kościuszko Land Forces Military Academy, became the legal successor of the previous institution.

The tradition of General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces dates back to the First Polish Republic, when the School of Chivalry was established in Warsaw in 1765. About 600 officers graduated from it, including future commanders and heroes of the Polish Nation – Jakub JASIŃSKI, Józef SOWIŃSKI and Tadeusz KOŚCIUSZKO. Next, the mission of educating Polish Army officers was continued by the Corps of Cadets in the Duchy of Warsaw and the School of Infantry Cadets in the Kingdom of Poland,

Between 1809 and 1831 there were The Elementary School of Artillery and Engineering, the Application School of Artillery and Engineering, the School of Infantry Cadets, and the School of Infantry and Cavalry Cadets, where the future heroes of national uprisings honed their officer skills. It was the cadets of the School of Infantry Cadets in Warsaw, under the command of Second Lieutenant Piotr WYSOCKI, who initiated the outbreak of the uprising on 29 November 1830. Every year we celebrate Second Lieutenant Day to commemorate this day, which is also a holiday at the University.

During the partitions and in the period preceding World War I, the officer corps were educated in many Polish military schools in exile. After Poland’s winning back its independence in 1918, the army regained its national character, following which military education progressed rapidly.

In 1918-1939, schools educating officers-to-be (e.g. the School of Infantry Cadets in Komorowo/Ostrów Mazowiecka, School of Cavalry Cadets in Grudziądz, and the School of Engineering Cadets in Warsaw) served an important function in the training of the army commanders of the Second Polish Republic. Their graduates passed a difficult exam in September 1939 and in the subsequent battles fought on the fronts of the World War II. A total of 8987 officers graduated from the School of Infantry Cadets. The most-eminent included Władysław RAGINIS, Zygmund SZENDZIELARZ, Łukasz CIEPLIŃSKI and Franciszek DĄBROWSKI.

The Military University of Land Forces, pursuant to Decision of the Minister of National Defence No. 133 of 15 April 2014, inherited the traditions of the School of Infantry Cadets in Komorowo/Ostrów Mazowiecka.

It is especially worth emphasising that during World War II, Home Army officer training was organised and carried out there. It was a unique event on a global scale as only the Home Army conducted such training in secret schools as part of underground activities under the occupation.

In the 1945-1989 era, after multiple attempts at creating a school of cadets with an appropriate level of education, the School of Mechanised Infantry Cadets was established as late as in 1962. In 1967 it was changed to the Mechanised Infantry Military Academy.

On 1 October 2002, pursuant to Resolution of the Council of Ministers of 18 December 2001, utilising the potential of the military schools based in Wrocław, Poznań and Toruń, General Kościuszko Land Forces Military Academy was established.

The historic first matriculation of the new academic year at General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces took place on 2 October 2017, and was attended by representatives of state authorities.

The University is becoming a prestigious, dynamically developing, higher education institution aspiring to be the best military academic centre in Europe, educating future officers.

The strategic field of operation of the University is the construction of long-term relations with military universities in NATO and EU Member States, including in the field of consolidating the European military higher education. In order to reach the highest standards in training and education, the University is also developing cooperation with the best military centres in the world outside NATO and the EU.

A significant example of the developing international cooperation involved Rector Commandant, Brig. Gen. Dariusz SKORUPKA, DSc, Eng., signing a cooperation agreement with United States Military Academy at West Point, together with a representative of this renowned American university on the day of inaugurating the new academic year. The University is becoming a leader and a role model in the internationalisation of study curricula and staff, as well as student exchange.

The University’s mission, which, in addition to professionally educating platoon commanders characterised by their leadership, is to shape the patriotic attitudes of future young Polish intelligentsia, is being built based on the praiseworthy traditions of the Polish Army and Polish military education. The motto of General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces is VERITAS, HONOR, PATRIA (TRUTH, HONOUR, FATHERLAND).


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